Palenque is a medi­um-sized site, much smal­ler than such huge sites as Tikal or Copán, but it con­tains some of the finest archi­tec­ture, sculp­ture, roof comb and bas-relief carvings the Maya pro­duced. Much of the his­tory of Palenque has been recon­struc­ted from read­ing the hiero­glyph­ic inscrip­tion on the many monu­ments, and his­tor­i­ans now have a long sequence of the rul­ing dyn­asty of Palenque in the sev­enth cen­tury and extens­ive know­ledge of the city states rivalry with oth­er states such as Calak­mul and Ton­iná. The most fam­ous ruler of Palenque is Pac­al the Great whose tomb has been found and excav­ated in the temple of the inscriptions.

Our digit­al recon­struc­tion con­cen­trates on the fam­ous build­ings at the cent­ral area around the Steph­ens’s Plaza with the sour­round­ing Cross Group and the Temple of the Inscrip­tions Court with the Palace.

TimeTours: Palenque”- 3rd part of the Maya-App-Trilogy launched

TimeTours: Palenque App

It took us more than one year to devel­op the latest digit­al travel guide to the “Ver­sailles of the Maya”. But it’s worth every day!

Immerse your­self into the most beau­ti­ful May­an city in the heart of the Jungle of Chiapas.

Again, you can exper­i­ence the mag­ni­fi­cent and mys­tic archi­tec­ture by anim­ated, photoreal­ist­ic recon­struc­tions, Now&Then-Sliders and “In the middle of it”-panoramas.

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