The residential area of Tikal covers an estimated 60 square kilometres , much of which has not yet been cleared, mapped, or excavated. A huge set of earthworks has been discovered ringing Tikal with a 6-metres wide trench behind a rampart. The 16 square kilometres area around the site core has been intensively mapped it may have enclosed an area of some 125 square kilometres. Population estimates place the demographic size of the site between 10,000 and 90,000, and possibly 425,000 in the surrounding area. Recently, a project exploring the defensive earthworks has shown that the scale of the earthworks is highly variable and that in many places it is inconsequential as a defensive feature. In addition, some parts of the earthwork were integrated into a canal system. The earthwork of Tikal varies significantly in coverage from what was originally proposed and it is much more complex and multifaceted than originally thought.

Our digital reconstruction concentrates on the 5 largest temples named Temples I – V at the central area as well as the Great Pyramid of the Lost World- area.